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The Alchemist’s Way to Better Tweeting

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This is where I offer you tips ‘n’ tricks on the elements of social media!

Element: Twitter (what is twitter?)

So, before I moved to Yorkshire, a couple of my fellow work colleagues wanted a crash-course in Twitter.  To them, like many other new users, they found the platform a little confusing and unsure how it could be made relevant to them.

I explained to them that the idea behind Twitter is to have short, positive conversations with other users; and the freedom of this platform is you can follow and talk to, well, whoever you like!

A really good starting point is to find people you know – like your friends and work colleagues.
Then expand your field a little – what companies do they or your prospective clients work for?  Why not follow them too?!
Who inspires you?  Do you read any magazines, listen to any particular types of music or love certain kinds of art ?  These days many publications and news stations tweet their latest updates!

Before you know it, you’re following a good handful of like-minded tweeters who you can converse with or share content with your own followers.

Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

01/06/2010 at 12:40 pm

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