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Social Alchemy Explains… LinkedIn

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Each week I’ll be explaining a term or an area of social media.  If there’s anything you’d like me to feature, feel free to drop me an e-mail to michaela@fuelledbysocialalchemy.com.

LinkedIn: “Our mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” (taken from linkedin.com)

In simple terms:
LinkedIn is a networking platform designed for creating professional connections.  I would even push that, right now, it’s one of the most important networks any professional should be part of.

Initially LinkedIn was an American-dominated platform, however in the last 2-3 years the popularity has spread across the Atlantic to the UK and Europe – in fact, you may be surprised about how many people you know (both personally and professionally) who are already on there.

How do I start?
Firstly, you create your profile which contains your full name, location, job title & description, picture, websites, twitter account(s), blog, experience & education… (similar to Facebook sign-ups except instead of your “favourite colour” you talk about your “areas of skill”)

Secondly, you find people you know.  Friends, Work Colleagues – and Clients.  Anyone who you know, particularly if you have their e-mail address (you need to verify how you know them)

What next?
Well, LinkedIn networking is based on “who you know”.  So, you’ve added your 50 friends who are already on LinkedIn – well, you now have the ability to network not only with those 50, but also with their connections.  So, if each of your 50 connections has 50 of their own connections (excluding you), you have the ability to network with (up to) 2500 connections!

You also can join groups which suit your interest or industry field; mini-forums where you can introduce yourself, make new connections (outside of your 2500 potentials), ask & answer questions; and find out about offline meet-ups like The Leeds Link-up I attended yesterday.

In the next few weeks I’ll be offering tips ‘n’ tricks on how to use LinkedIn effectively – so, keep an eye out!

Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

03/06/2010 at 1:22 pm

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