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The Alchemist’s Way to Better Blogging

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This is where I offer you tips ‘n’ tricks on the elements of social media!

Element: Blogs (what is a blog?)

A few weeks ago I suggested that before you set-up your blog, you should have a purpose and a goal.  Now, what about content?

The more organised you are in advanced regarding content, the more efficent your blog will be – particularly as you’ll be spending more time having conversations regarding the content, rather than constantly playing catch-up with writing content.

A brilliant way to be organised when it comes to blogs is by having a schedule.  A day-to-day blog plan!

Where to begin?

Firstly, with your purpose and goal in mind, brainstorm a few ideas that would be good, regular features on your blog.  For example, on this blog I have “The Alchemist’s Way” – where I give tips on areas of social media marketing; “Social Alchemy Explains” – where I talk about applications or terms used; and “Fuelled by Social Alchemy” – a showcase of my latest projects.

Secondly, decide how many of those ideas do you want to use each week.  Factors you need to keep in mind:  a) how much information is available b) how much time is available to dedicate to posting these? c) are they relevant to the message you’re trying to send?

Thirdly, allocate a day and/or a time for each item and draw up onto a timetable or spreadsheet.

When you do this, try and keep ahead by a few weeks.  Time flies by online – the next thing you know, you’ll be on your next schedule!

Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

15/06/2010 at 12:58 pm

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