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For those of you with busy lifestyles, and not much browsing time, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular blog posts amongst our friends this week:

Gary Swift – Skipping Hero

“This Skipping Hero character is great for kids food menus or leaflets. The character can brighten up a menu with all the bold colours we have used.”

ikeepfit – Featured Workout: Ultimate Leg Toner

“This week we’re featuring the ikeepfit.com Ultimate Leg Toner. Everyone wants great looking legs, and with a bit of exercise you’ll have them in no time.”

Jelly London – Jelly is proud to announce the arrival of Racecar!

“RACECAR is a creative, broadcast and motion graphics design studio based in Oslo, Norway.”

Three Blind Mice – We need an intern!!

“Three Blind Mice are London’s top creative studio, specialising in pre-production visuals and motion. We are seeking a graduate intern to help us out in our motion department.”

Adtec – Design of the Week: Manymals

“This week’s design goes to something a little different to our usual finds… We’ve chosen a very delicate, simple jewellery packaging design for ‘manymals’, by San-Fransisco based designer, Markus Diebel.”

Jelly London – Latest by Tony Wilson

“Last week, Tony sent us some of his latest illustrations for his client Ocean Design.”

Three Blind Mice – Mrs Marmite

“This week we are sans-studio manager, Roz AKA “Marmite”. Whilst we are all braving the London commute, her and her newly-wed husband have jetted off on their honeymoon!”

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