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3rd June: Top of the Blogs!

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Another busy week in the Social Alchemy lab! We’ve had a new lady called Lauren join us (more will be revealed this week) so except some bright new sparks of creativity coming to a computer screen near you!

For now, we’ll leave you with this week’s most viewed blogs – enjoy!

Gary Swift: African Animals

“Animals tend to lend themselves as content for a very wide range of children’s learning activities, which is where these little cartoons would fit in perfectly.”

jelly London: London Fashion Week

“Sandra Suy, Mariline Fiori, Caroline Tomlinson and Giorgia Roversi are the best women in the house when it comes to illustrations and compositions of fashion and style.”

Three Blind Mice: An Introduction to Visual Styles & Finishes

“You may think that all drawings are the same but here at Three Blind Mice we beg to differ. We have a vast array of artists each with their own different styles to suit your particular project.”

Adtec: Latest news from Adtec: Harrods, Abbey Road Studios & The King’s Speech

ikeepfit: Featured Workout: Cardio Burn

“If you want to increase your calorie expenditure and accelerate your weight loss then a cardio workout is the answer. Which is why this week we’re featuring the ikeepfit.com Cardio Burn.”

Three Blind Mice: Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

“We produced this animatic for Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles – check it out!”

jelly London: Jan Kallwejt – New Website!

“Jan Kallwejt’s new website is up. Enjoy fresh works!”

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