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17th June – Top of the Blogs

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Another Friday, and another selection of the most viewed posts in the last 7 days.
Go grab your morning post-hangover coffee, get comfortable and check out what’s hot on the blogs this week!

jelly London: Audi: Imagination
“jelly were commissioned by top UK Ad Agency, BBH London to help create a dizzying and highly stylized journey into the mind of an auto-designer; where soft brain matter melds with hard-edged steel to emerge as Audi’s new A7 Sportback.” more

Three Blind Mice: Saturdays Impulse Posters
“I was on the tube this morning when I saw some Impulse posters that I thought I recognised!” more

ikeepfit: Cheap dumbbells to improve your resistance training
“Using free weights or dumbbells is a great way to practice resistance training at home.” more

Adtec: Design of the week: Current TV rebranding
“This week’s design of the week goes to Current TV for their new brand identity.” more

Three Blind Mice: Meet The Team
“We speak to people on the phone all the time without seeing what each other looks like, well, now people can see with this group illustration of us created by Alice B.” more

jelly London: World of lather
“We recently came across this illustration by figurative illustrator, Thea Brine, on The Guardian website.” more

Gary Swift: Skater Boy
“ZedFashion asked us to come up with a fun character design that would appeal to boys in the 4 – 10 year old demographic. This was the result!” more

Fuelled by Social Alchemy: Meet The Team
“Hello! I’m Michaela” and “Hey, I’m Lauren” more

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