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12th August – Victoria Pendleton, Amy Winehouse & Matt Lyon

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Dry the River – 3D postersadtec

Dry the River – 3D posters

Sometimes it just takes a dash of creativity and simple tools rather than an expensive full-blown multimedia campaign to draw people’s attention. Just take a look at this series of pop-up posters for an upcoming band named ‘Dry the River’.


Matt Lyon vs Kristina Collantesjelly

Matt Lyon vs Kristina Collantes

jelly illustrator, Matt Lyon, produced this fantastic portrait of fellow illustrator, Kristina Collantes. It followed a delicate, flat-colour line illustration that she had drawn of him. He responded with this bright coloured, psychedelic patterned piece.


YCC ‘Do-Shop’: How to Brief in Creative

YCC ‘Do-Shop’: How to Brief in Creative

After last Thursday’s successful event with the YCC, Jelly are once again involved in a rather exciting collaboration; an educational offering into the briefing process from idea to execution. Known to the YCC regulars as a ‘Do-Shop’, the next event shall really get your creative juices flowing.


A Tribute to Amy Winehousethree blind mice

A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Three Blind Mice visualiser and jelly illustrator, Tony Wilson has spent this week creating this beautiful, painterly-style tribute to recently passed singer, Amy Winehouse.
“The illustration was created with photoshop by creating my own paintbrush and painting as you would on canvas…”


NEW Hovis advert with Victoria Pendleton

NEW Hovis advert with Victoria Pendleton

We recently produced a photomatic for MCBD’s latest series of Hovis ads featuring Victoria Pendleton. Our artist Richard drew the frames and our inhouse editor, Ajay, put the finished piece together.


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