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9th September – Lexus, The Saturdays & Adam Haynes

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Old Faithful Shopadtec

Old Faithful Shop

This week these lovely letterpress labels caught our eye and we decided to feature them for ‘we love print’.

This vintage yet timeless packaging from Old Faithful Shop uses “authentic” feeling type while maintaining a handmade but refined look.


Fashion Illustration – back in voguejelly

Fashion Illustration – back ‘in vogue’

Following an article recently published in Grazia Magazine about Fashion Illustration making its way back into the limelight after years of Fashion Photography filling the covers of magazines, we decided to showcase a sample of our most recent fashion illustrations.


adam haynes collaborates

Adam Haynes Collaborates

US illustrator, Adam Haynes, was delighted when his fantastic artwork featured on the cover of Mountain Bike Magazine, Freehub! Adam had collaborated with photographer, Derik Olsen to come up with the cover design, which was based on his photograph. That’s not the only collaboration that Adam has been taking part in…




Stephanie Hardwick & Jack Shute from London ad-agency, CHI & Partners asked us to produce some frames for their new Lexus campaign. Additionally, Three Blind Mice were asked to draw a series of visuals for their accompanying print campaign.


Saturdays Impulse Posters

Saturdays Impulse Posters

I was on the tube this morning when I saw some Impulse posters that I thought I recognised! By the time I’d arrived in the office, I remembered that TBM did some colour visuals for 4 Creative, to advertise the new Impulse range with the girl band, The Saturdays.


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