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The 5 Most Viewed Blogs This Week!

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Top of the blogs: the most viewed posts from the last 7 days!

A brief history of… printingadtec

A brief history of… printing

We thought we’d talk about the history of printing. It’s quite amazing to see how far we’ve come – the image above is of a printing press that was invented in 1846! As you might’ve guessed though there is A LOT to talk about…


Sandra Suy strikes againjelly

Sandra Suy strikes again

Our fashion illustrator, Sandra Suy, has just finished this beautiful illustration for the fantastic folks at Sunday Times, Style Magazine.

We love it!


tony wilson: saperilla

Tony Wilson: Saperilla

Check out this fantastic piece of vintage-inspired illustration work by Tony Wilson!

Our versatile in house artist produced this portfolio piece over the summer. If you would like to see more, make sure you check in on his jelly portfolio or visit our blog for details on specific projects from the past year!



What Happens When It Goes Wrong? A True Story

Picture the scene, a large photographic studio in central London, everyone is in place: the stylist, the photographer, the DOP – who has lit it brilliantly, a producer, production assistant, three clients and a beautiful model… No, hang on a minute, where’s the model?


Event Visualising

Event Visualising

PR, social media and experiential marketing agency Cake wanted a special VIP bar and had a few ideas of what furnishings should be included, but they needed to present what it would look like to their client to gain the seal of approval.


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