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Having a Plan: Your Marketing Maestro

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As promised, I’m making a start on blogging for this site – about time, I know! This week I have thought hard about where to start and well, the beginning seemed the logical option. Having a plan.

The conductor is crucial to the performance of an orchestra

I want to start with an interesting article I read in The Guardian about orchestra conductors. It fascinated me because, like many people, I had always taken for granted the role of a conductor!

The conductor is described as having the most important role of an orchestra; the audience only gets to experience their hand waving during a performance however, it’s their behind-the-scenes knowledge, relentless practising and interpretation of the composition that makes that performance what it is.

And whilst each musician within an orchestra could play unaided, it’s the conductor who decides how it should be played based on extensive knowledge of, not only all the instruments in the orchestra, but the composition itself.

The role of the conductor is crucial to the performance of an orchestra – A great musical experience cannot be created simply by getting the notes right.

So, how does my new-found understanding of music maestros relate to having a plan? Well, because a company without a marketing plan is like an orchestra without a conductor: “A great marketing experience cannot be created simply by getting the departments right.”

I say departments; whether you outsource or keep your marketing in-house, I expect your website, sales, social, mobile, PR and advertising are managed by different people or companies. Like the musicians within an orchestra, each department can play unaided and do what they interpret best for the composition – your business. However, without a conductor, a marketing plan, how can you guarantee that they are performing to the same melody?

Too many SMEs make the mistake of not having a plan first, leading to inconsistencies throughout their marketing and even their sales. Whilst individual department strategies can be developed by each expert in their field, the marketing plan should outline the key goals to be achieved.

I’ll be touching on marketing plans again soon; in the mean time, if your business requires a marketing plan, visit businesslink.gov.uk for some guidelines.

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Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

12/01/2012 at 8:00 am

4 Responses

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  1. This struck a chord with a post over on Dave Chaffey’s site recently about the current state (or not) of planning / having a digital strategy in a lot of UK businesses..


    Mark Kelly

    12/01/2012 at 9:03 pm

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