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September’s Most Popular Posts

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Top of the blogs: the most viewed posts from September!

three blind mice


Three Blind Mice worked with London-based advertising agency, Quiet Storm on their latest TV & cinema campaign for confectionary company, Haribo! link

Kit-Kat: Crane Animatic
Kit-Kat: Crane Animatic

The latest fantastic ‘Have a Break’ ad to hit our screens had its pre-production treatment created by non-other than our house team of illustrators and editors. link


kiss – a love story
kiss - a love story

Racecar’s first independent short film, they explore the consequence of something as innocent as a kiss. “Kiss” is a love story between the Earth and the moon; every solar eclipse is the moons attempt to reach the sun… link

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week

With the launch of the London Fashion Week, we thought it was a perfect time to display some of the fantastic fashion illustrations that our artists have. link



This was the last cover illustration the late Peter Campbell painted as resident designer for the London Review of Books. Peter was also the magazine’s most prolific contributor, and not just as art critic. His quirky erudition showed too in his choice of subject, writing about such things as escalators, weeds, bicycles, bridges and hearts. link

agency art animation

And We’re Off! London Olympic Games 2012!
And We’re Off! London Olympic Games 2012!

Today the 2012 Summer Olympic Games officially begin with the much-anticipated opening ceremony! Many of the games will be held at the new, 200 hectare Olympic Park (above), built at Stratford in the east of London. link

fuelled by social alchemy

Leicester’s Ice Cream You Scream
Leicester’s Ice Cream You Scream

Earlier this year we worked with previz agency, Three Blind Mice to produce a fun flash game as part of their summer marketing. link


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