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5 HTML Codes Every Blogger Should Know

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Stock your alchemist store cupboard with these 5 essential HTML tags.

5 HTML Tags Every Blogger Should Know

If you are familiarizing yourself with the blog HTML editor, this guide is for you!

Most platforms, like WordPress and Tumblr, make it incredibly easy to post a blog without any prior knowledge of HTML as their visual editors are stocked with the tools needed for instant publishing.

However, visual editors can come with their own set of problems, particularly if you tend to copy and paste your content from a Microsoft Word document or other source. Sticky formatting, such as font styles or line breaks, can be frustrating to remove and make your post unsightly if not tidied up.

Most formatting problems can be fixed in the HTML editor by amending or deleting rogue code. That is, if you can overcome the daunting task of switching from the visual editor and identifying which code is causing the problem; a skill developers and seasoned bloggers take for granted.

To get started, I’ve selected 5 HTML tags (bits of code), which I feel are essential for any blogger to know…


Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

04/02/2013 at 2:01 pm

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