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RSS Reader Alternatives

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This weekend is the last chance for Google Reader users to switch their RSS feeds to an alternative RSS reader account.

Google Reader

I have used Google Reader for the last four years as an effective tool to collect up-to-date news information on different industries; staying hot on key trends, and receiving a variety of points of view to develop an informed decision – particularly on latest updates to social networks and search.

Since the announcement that Google was setting its RSS application to sunset phase back in March, I’ve been testing a few different alternatives to see which provider can offer a better, if not similar service to Google Reader.

Here are my thoughts on the alternatives…


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29/06/2013 at 4:06 pm

5 Ways To Make Time For Social Media

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What to do when “there is not enough hours in the day” for social media.

Small businesses, regardless of industry and background, tend to share a common enemy. Time. There simply is not enough of it!

5 Ways To Make Time For Social Media

Small businesses have to prioritise their work to get things done in time and often marketing, particularly social media, gets pushed to the bottom of the list. It is not an irrational decision to put the needs of paid clients first and the needs of your own business second. However, abandoning your social media until your next quiet spell will prevent you from nurturing relationships with existing customers and communicating your products or services to new ones.

Fortunately, there are ways to make time for social media without compromising your current business! Here are just five of them to get you started.


Creating Content: Start With What You Know

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Creating content, whether it is for a blog or social media platform, does not have to be difficult. Sometimes it is just recognising what you – a person or business – have to offer.  A wealth of knowledge exists simply from experiencing everyday life!

discover an untapped gold mine – your own valuable resource for content

Alchemy: the transmutation of a common element into a substance of greater value

The truth is that each of us underestimate the knowledge that we have; it is easy to believe that something is simply common knowledge or not useful to anyone else. However, if you begin to recognise the importance of the information you know, you will discover an untapped gold mine – your own valuable resource for content!

At Social Alchemy we recognise the importance of our clients’ knowledge and productivity, which is why our primary role is publishing and promoting their experiences and projects.

Find out more here!

Michaela’s Top Tips for Event Planning

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I really enjoy organising events; it is a contrast from the digital world I live in everyday, and offers a new dimension to community and content management.

Michaela’s Top Tips for Event Planning

Most recently I planned a sten party to celebrate my friends’ up-coming nuptials; the guests had fun and it was relatively stress-free to organise, and I feel this was thanks to some rules I’ve learnt over the years in marketing. Whatever type of event you are planning, these 8 top tips will come in handy!

Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

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A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

I’ve spent the last few weeks develop marketing strategies, so it seems like the perfect time to update an article I wrote last year: Having a Plan: Your Marketing Maestro.

The transition into the New Year has always been the ideal time to review the previous 12 months and develop a marketing strategy for the months to follow.

I start by immersing myself in the world of data; I look at Google Analytics, blog stats, and evaluate behavioural patterns in newsletter subscriber actions. I assess what went well and try to critically judge what could be improved upon; before infusing this with a splash of industry insight and creative brainstorming to produce a marketing strategy, a set of guidelines and goals for the months to follow.

What does this have to do with orchestras?

Update your LinkedIn Company Page

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Professional networking site, LinkedIn has redesigned its company pages. Optimise yours today!

Update your LinkedIn Company Page

We’ve been updating ours and our clients’ company profiles to take advantage of the LinkedIn company page redesign. If you’re yet to update yours, here’s an overview…

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11/10/2012 at 9:00 am

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