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The Alchemist’s Way: Using Apps for Facebook Competitions

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Competitions are a brilliant way of engaging with your audience and help boost follower numbers!

If you’re thinking of running a Facebook competition, there are many ways to go about setting up and running; we recently used an app for a series of competitions, this is what we found…

Our brief was to not only to increase engagement, but to also use the competitions as a way to capture data. As Facebook is designed with certain privacy controls, we needed to think outside of the Facebook box to create a competition. We turned to an integrated app, choosing North Social‘s Sweepstakes app for the job!

Shop Around: If you’re looking for an app to use on Facebook, spend a bit of time researching, reading user reviews, and comparing pricing. We looked at a few different app providers before choosing North Social; we liked the simplicity and flexibility of their service, as well as no long-term contract.

Using this app as a tool for competition came with several advantages:

In particular, the app had 3 stages of user engagement:

1. Like
This stage encouraged the user to ‘Like’ the Facebook Page before entering the competition. This is crucial for maintaining engagement and producing an open channel of conversation on Facebook, even after the user has entered the competition.

2. Competition + T&Cs
The competition page contained a detailed description of the prize, how to enter and a link to terms & conditions, as well as a built-in, customisable data capture form, securely hosted by North Social.

Think carefully about your T&Cs. Include any restrictions on entrants or prize conditions, data protection and permissions – especially if collecting personal information!

3. Share
The last stage encouraged the user to share the competition on their Facebook page. The app had its own ‘share’ button, with customisable thumbnail and copy for driving new entrants.

Each stage was easy to navigate and user-friendly. Plus, it looked professional and helped develop trust with the entrant, particularly with disclosing personal information.

There were, however, a few disadvantages of using an app for a competition.

If you’re considering a competition on Facebook, it’s important to keep these restrictions in mind:

Each stage of the competition required its own artwork; this may not be a restriction if you have creative flair or access to a designer, and/or the budget and time to set up.

The strongest disadvantage was the lack of access and integration with the mobile version of Facebook pages. Anyone accessing the competition on mobile, whether that was from their Facebook feed or a link on Twitter, was unable to enter.

Despite the disadvantages, if collecting data is important for your competition, we strongly recommend using an app. The app not only allowed us to keep to our main goal of capturing data, but also helped increase engagement across our Facebook page. For instance, within just two competitions, we had collected a couple hundred names and doubled our number of page ‘likes’.

To find out more about running a competition on Facebook, get in touch with us today! Speak to Michaela via email, michaela (at) fbsa (dot) co or call 07852230970.

New Client! Drop Your Hat – Offers at the ‘drop of a hat’

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We’re excited to announce that we are working with Sunderland-based, Drop Your Hat and the launch of their last-minute offers website and mobile apps.

Drop Your Hat

Fuelled by Social Alchemy were approached to help raise the social profile, as well as build and manage the Drop Your Hat online community, with the aim to boost brand awareness and registrations amongst Sunderland residents, who the deals will be specifically tailored for.

Drop Your Hat Facebook page

So far we have set up the Drop Your Hat Twitter profile and Facebook page, as well as a G+ page and blog. We have also set up a number of Facebook targeted ads, plus we’re managing a series of competitions; the first of these started last week with the Drop Your Hat Mother’s Day Give Away!!

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Drop Your Hat.

Christmas Game: Decoration Dash

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Written by Fuelled by Social Alchemy

14/12/2011 at 9:00 am

2nd September – Sustainable Packaging, London Riots & Fosters

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Top of the blogs: the most viewed posts from the last 7 days!

sustainable packaging & how it is being developedadtec

Adtec explains… sustainable packaging & how it is being developed

Sustainable packaging is the development, production and use of packaging that has a reduced impact on the environment while still meeting functional and economic needs. Here are some recent sustainable packaging developments that we thought were noteworthy!


COMPETITION: Panic on the Streets of London!jelly

COMPETITION: Panic on the Streets of London!

Following last week’s rioting and violence across London, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities in the UK, which effected the entire nation, we thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this competition to celebrating peace and tolerance.


competition: winner announced!

Competition: Winner Announced!

We recently asked you to submit words for Matt Lyon to illustrate for a batch of limited edition tees! Many thanks to everyone who entered!! We had some fantastic entries flying through our inbox and twitter feed, but sadly we can only pick one to print! We held an office voting poll and had a very clear winner…




Leicester has taken a last minute holiday to the sunny seaside town of Stiltonville. Being a small mouse on a big beach, he’s cleverly hired himself a beach buggy to get around the hot sands. However, there are plenty of obstacles on his journeys – giant sandcastles and lazy sunbathers! Oh, and the odd block of cheese!


Foster’s Lager – Good Call for Beach Advice

Foster’s Lager – Good Call for Beach Advice

Ah, g’day! Some of our latest frames to be used for a finished commerical are for Foster’s Larger. In the ad, a guy calls up his mates sat on an Australian beach to ask if his girlfriend will end up looking like her Mum…


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