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How do content managers spend their time?

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Next in my series of FAQs; how do content managers spend their time?

Only recently have I been able to answer this with some solid figures; this is (generally) how the last two months of content management have been allocated (across all clients):

social alchemy average month

Taadaa! OK, pie charts are a little 90s but it shows, clearly and colourfully, how an average month is spent managing different areas of online content. Not surprisingly, blogging has the most time allocation with 40+ posts written and scheduled each month!

So, what does this all mean? As a social media content manager, my role is to actively post new content onto different social platforms on behalf of my clients. As you can see from the break down, articles (blogging) and conversation (Twitter/Facebook) are the key roles performed.

If you were to break down the roles further, the majority of my month is spent copy writing (using SEO keywords), editing images in Photoshop, followed by HTML & CSS coding; not forgetting to mention researching content and collecting data.

(In case you were wondering about the ‘other’ segment, that covers other sharing, such as on StumbleUpon, G+, Flickr and Pinterest, to name a few…)

If you would like to find out more about content management, please get in touch! Either drop me an email to michaela@fbsa.co or call +44 (0)113 226 6274

Tips for a Healthy Workplace

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Yesterday morning, we were talking fitness and caffeine with our friends at ikeepfit.com.

Being bound to a desk job does have its downsides, and lack of exercise and too much coffee can be some of them! The ikeepfit team offered us a selection of fantastic tips to keep healthy in the work place, check them out:

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10/05/2011 at 6:00 pm

The Alchemist’s Way to Better Blogging

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This is where I offer you tips ‘n’ tricks on the elements of social media!

Element: Blogs (what is a blog?)

A few weeks ago I suggested that before you set-up your blog, you should have a purpose and a goal.  Now, what about content?

The more organised you are in advanced regarding content, the more efficent your blog will be – particularly as you’ll be spending more time having conversations regarding the content, rather than constantly playing catch-up with writing content.

A brilliant way to be organised when it comes to blogs is by having a schedule.  A day-to-day blog plan!

Where to begin?

Firstly, with your purpose and goal in mind, brainstorm a few ideas that would be good, regular features on your blog.  For example, on this blog I have “The Alchemist’s Way” – where I give tips on areas of social media marketing; “Social Alchemy Explains” – where I talk about applications or terms used; and “Fuelled by Social Alchemy” – a showcase of my latest projects.

Secondly, decide how many of those ideas do you want to use each week.  Factors you need to keep in mind:  a) how much information is available b) how much time is available to dedicate to posting these? c) are they relevant to the message you’re trying to send?

Thirdly, allocate a day and/or a time for each item and draw up onto a timetable or spreadsheet.

When you do this, try and keep ahead by a few weeks.  Time flies by online – the next thing you know, you’ll be on your next schedule!

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15/06/2010 at 12:58 pm

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