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Who Are Your Target Audience?

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Identifying a target audience is one of the fundamental aspects of running a business, however I was more than surprised to discover that many companies are not quite sure who theirs is.

Unmasking the people behind your market

In this article, I will try to offer a simple introduction to help demystify what a target audience is and offer a few tips for identifying yours. Continue reading…


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12/02/2013 at 9:36 am

The Alchemist’s Way to Keeping Up-To-Date

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This is where I offer you tips ‘n’ tricks on the elements of social media!

Element: Research

Social media is all about generating conversation; it doesn’t matter if that conversation takes place at a networking event, or online – even over the phone to a potential client or customer?  With the amount of conversation that you take part in, it’s important to always have things to discuss or be kept up-to-date with the latest in that field!

A tool I use is Google Alerts.  A free tool which uses Google’s search engine to send updates to you via e-mail.

Now, a few weeks ago I told you about the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool.  Once you’ve found your keywords, why not use them in Google Alerts?  The results you receive can be used now, or bookmarked for future reference!

I would remind you, however, that Google searches the entire WORLD-Wide-Web for your updates.  If a term such as “design” is too broad, make it more specific to your field – such as “design UK” or “digital design”.

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