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Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

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A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

I’ve spent the last few weeks develop marketing strategies, so it seems like the perfect time to update an article I wrote last year: Having a Plan: Your Marketing Maestro.

The transition into the New Year has always been the ideal time to review the previous 12 months and develop a marketing strategy for the months to follow.

I start by immersing myself in the world of data; I look at Google Analytics, blog stats, and evaluate behavioural patterns in newsletter subscriber actions. I assess what went well and try to critically judge what could be improved upon; before infusing this with a splash of industry insight and creative brainstorming to produce a marketing strategy, a set of guidelines and goals for the months to follow.

What does this have to do with orchestras?

Freelancers Required! Get in touch!

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say hello!

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As I mentioned quite recently, I’m making a few changes this year to the way that Social Alchemy works. Exciting times are ahead!

As a result, I need to start building up my contact list of talented, self-employed Freelancers! So what skills am I looking for?

At this immediate time, I could do with help from an analyst. As I mentioned before, I have a year’s worth of 2011 data and, if my January is anything to go by, very little time to convert it into some solid statistics. So, if you’re good with numbers, please get in touch!!

I’ve got some exciting new projects coming in which will need a range of copywriters! Adaptability for subject matter and usage (both on and off-line) are important. Please send me samples of your work :)

Please drop me an email to michaela@fuelledbysocialalchemy.com with your details, and I’ll be in touch with you very soon!


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02/02/2012 at 10:17 am

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