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A Look Back At Marketing in 2013

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As business is winding-down for Christmas, I finally have the opportunity to look back on what has happened in the last twelve months. It’s been a busy year, to say the least, littered with interesting projects and inspiring new encounters!

A Look Back At Marketing in 2013

Change is an inevitable outcome of the shifting sands of internet marketing and 2013 is no exception to this; every challenge is a new experience to learn and develop. So I’ve decided to share some of my experiences from the last twelve months, a mixture of personal encounters, project highlights and lowlights, internet trends and some predictions for 2014! Continue reading…

Panda Watch

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A cutely codenamed Google Algorithm has been wrecking havoc on organic search traffic.

Google Panda Revelations

I suspected that a website had been marked as “low quality” and was being affected by Google Panda when I reviewed traffic over the last twelve months. The data showed a:

  • 16% decrease in organic search visits
  • 55% decrease in Google referral visits
  • Google traffic landing on only 33% of pages

More alarmingly, the accompanying graph clearly showed a gradual, weekly decline in visits.

After some investigating, here’s what I found…

RSS Reader Alternatives

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This weekend is the last chance for Google Reader users to switch their RSS feeds to an alternative RSS reader account.

Google Reader

I have used Google Reader for the last four years as an effective tool to collect up-to-date news information on different industries; staying hot on key trends, and receiving a variety of points of view to develop an informed decision – particularly on latest updates to social networks and search.

Since the announcement that Google was setting its RSS application to sunset phase back in March, I’ve been testing a few different alternatives to see which provider can offer a better, if not similar service to Google Reader.

Here are my thoughts on the alternatives…


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29/06/2013 at 4:06 pm

New Client! Drop Your Hat – Offers at the ‘drop of a hat’

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We’re excited to announce that we are working with Sunderland-based, Drop Your Hat and the launch of their last-minute offers website and mobile apps.

Drop Your Hat

Fuelled by Social Alchemy were approached to help raise the social profile, as well as build and manage the Drop Your Hat online community, with the aim to boost brand awareness and registrations amongst Sunderland residents, who the deals will be specifically tailored for.

Drop Your Hat Facebook page

So far we have set up the Drop Your Hat Twitter profile and Facebook page, as well as a G+ page and blog. We have also set up a number of Facebook targeted ads, plus we’re managing a series of competitions; the first of these started last week with the Drop Your Hat Mother’s Day Give Away!!

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Drop Your Hat.

Why use images in your articles & blog posts?

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An image is, indeed, worth a thousand words. While the content is the most important part of a blog post, taking the time to select an engaging and interesting image can enhance your posts, add a little extra on-page SEO and turn good posts into great ones!

a true festival beauty
A good example of using photography to enhance a piece of editorial work, taken from blog.ikeepfit.com

So why use images in your articles and blog posts?
The most obvious reason is to catch the reader’s attention! An image says in a few seconds more than words ever could. It can encourage a mood or highlight a tone of voice. What’s important, is that the right image will encourage the potential reader to stick around and read your post.

Images also break up long blocks of text, and can make your article easier to read.

Images can be used as headings to direct the eye to the main points within your article, plus they are handy for illustrating a point. If you’re trying to explain something confusing or you have something that needs clarifying, the correct image will make it easier for your reader to understand.

Does your blog or website have quite a simple design? A nice colourful image accompanying your text will also help to create a more visually memorable experience for the reader.

Any images you use will be indexed by Google and come up in searches. This is why it’s important to name your files correctly and to use descriptive but relevant words to tag your image.

In our next post we’ll be talking about image sourcing – so keep your eyes peeled!

Weekly Newsbite

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Here’s the top headlines in Social Media this week:


Evidence of a Facebook Music Service Surfaces – References to a product called “Vibes” have been found in Facebook’s code, and it could be related to the company’s rumoured music service.

5 changes to Facebook Pages and Places to help global brands – On 13th July Facebook will be launching new Pages and Places functionality to enhance the existing parent-child Page structure.


Following brands on Twitter? Prepare for more ads – Despite the fact that Twitter has been slowly building up its advertising offerings, and is making money from them, advertising on the popular microblogging service is still far more difficult to come by than, say, Facebook.

One-Million Apps Strong, Twitter Unveils New Developer Portal – Twitter has just published a blog post reporting that the platform is currently supporting one million registered third-party apps, built by more than 750,000 developers around the world.

Two Tiny Things for Android Twitter Make It Ten Times Better: Push Notifications and Multiple Accounts – Big news for Android tweeters: Twitter is now adding push notifications and multiple accounts to their Android app.


WordPress Now Powers More Than 50 Million Sites – Open source blogging platform WordPress has reached an important milestone: It powers more than 50 million websites, about half of which are hosted on WordPress.com.

5 Things to Know About WordPress 3.2 – We’ve spent some time with WordPress 3.2, both in its various betas and in the final version, and put together this guide to what’s new, improved and enhanced.

WordPress.com Gains Support For OAuth2, Dedicated Developer Portal – In a blog post on the WordPress.com blog, Automattic‘s Justin Shreve this morning acknowledged his employer’s aspirations to turn WordPress.com into more of a platform than a mere Web-based blogging software service.


Google Staffing Up On Patent Lawyers And Experts – It’s no secret Google is searching for more patents to add to its portfolio.

Google+ Users’ Genders Are Set To Become Private – Starting this week, Google will no longer require users to state whether they are male or female.

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13/07/2011 at 9:00 am

Weekly Newsbite

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Here’s the top headlines in Social Media this week:


44% say they would not buy anything on Facebook – A study conducted by Havas Media Social and Lightspeed Research has found that 89% have never bought anything on Facebook, and 44% would never buy anything on the social media website.

Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype – Earlier this week while visiting Seattle, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tipped off Seattle press that the company would be launching an “awesome” new product next week that has been built by Facebook’s Seattle team.


Twitter Testing Facebook-Like Message Wall – Twitter is testing a Facebook-like message wall on profile pages, prompting users to send public tweets (a.k.a @ replies, or mentions) to specific users directly from their profile pages.

Twitter Acquires Social Analytics Platform BackType – Twitter has just acquired social analytics startup BackType. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Twitter Allows Direct Messages With Verified Accounts Sans Following Back – Twitter has given some accounts the ability to receive DMs from accounts they don’t follow.


WordPress 3.1 Downloaded Over 15 Million Times In Under 5 Months – The latest stable version of WordPress, 3.1, was first released on 23 February 2011. Now, less than 5 months later, the blogging software has been downloaded over 15 million times according to a tweet posted mere minutes ago (and the download counter).


Google To Retire Blogger & Picasa Brands in Google+ Push – Say goodbye to the Picasa and Blogger names: Google intends to retire several non-Google name brands and rename them as Google products.

Google Offers Faces Off Against Groupon – Google’s competitor to Groupon, Google Offers, has had its first month of beta testing in Portland, Oregon.

Google Loses Access to Twitter Stream, Suspends Realtime Search – Google Realtime Search, the once company-lauded realtime search index featuring tweets and as-it-happens updates, is temporarily defunct.

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06/07/2011 at 9:00 am

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