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Marketing Industry Agencies Have Marketing Problems Too

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Let’s be honest. Many agencies, from all disciplines of marketing, have a guilty secret: problems marketing themselves.

The Marketing Paradox

The Marketing Paradox

The wealth of knowledge and experience within an agency is channelled to improve growth of paying clients, and not used to improve the growth of the agency, despite how competitive the marketing industry is.

As a result, agencies themselves often have poor marketing. It can be seen across all sectors; from the creative, to advertising, digital and PR: out-dated website design and coding, quiet or irregular social media presence, ineffective optimisation for search engines, few visible case studies, and little or no agency advertising and PR.

The Reason… and the Real Reasons.

3 Reasons to Update your Newsletter Data

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Data. Whether you’re a freelancer with a little black book of contacts, part of a sales team with an endless collection of business cards, or in a large organisation with a shared CRM system, nearly every business has names and contact details of customers and suppliers – both existing and potential!

Reasons to Update your Newsletter Data

If you’re considering marketing to your database of contacts, it’s important to check your data is up-to-date – especially if you plan on sending them an email newsletter.

Here are the top three reasons to update your contact list for newsletter marketing.

Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

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A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

A Conductor For Your Marketing Orchestra

I’ve spent the last few weeks develop marketing strategies, so it seems like the perfect time to update an article I wrote last year: Having a Plan: Your Marketing Maestro.

The transition into the New Year has always been the ideal time to review the previous 12 months and develop a marketing strategy for the months to follow.

I start by immersing myself in the world of data; I look at Google Analytics, blog stats, and evaluate behavioural patterns in newsletter subscriber actions. I assess what went well and try to critically judge what could be improved upon; before infusing this with a splash of industry insight and creative brainstorming to produce a marketing strategy, a set of guidelines and goals for the months to follow.

What does this have to do with orchestras?

Who Are Your Target Audience?

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Identifying a target audience is one of the fundamental aspects of running a business, however I was more than surprised to discover that many companies are not quite sure who theirs is.

Unmasking the people behind your market

In this article, I will try to offer a simple introduction to help demystify what a target audience is and offer a few tips for identifying yours. Continue reading…


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12/02/2013 at 9:36 am

Our branded website is finally live!

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For the last four months we’ve been working with our friends at What Creative design agency to build a responsive site that encompasses our alchemy branding.


We have replaced our single-page with a more interactive and informative site, keeping our blog posts and services within the same domain! Grab a cuppa and take a look around… www.fuelledbysocialalchemy.com!

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06/12/2012 at 12:18 pm

[Newsletter] Hand Drawn Style Showcase

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Earlier this week we launched 2 variations of a newsletter, showcasing hand drawn illustration styles for our London-based clients, jelly.

We worked with Head of Illustration, Hulya to select 25 inspiring hand drawn styles. These were then cropped and arranged for a blog post, plus three montage versions were created; one for the blog and two variations for the newsletters. We then produced a few short paragraphs of copy and hyperlinked each piece of artwork to their relevant website or blog posts, before tagging with keywords and scheduling for publishing.

Two newsletter variations were developed in Dreamweaver by adapting our previous html templates with the new content. These were then imported into email marketing service, Mailchimp and tested for potential spam issues before scheduling for send to jelly’s client list. Here are the finished newsletters:

Advertising version [link]: Hand Drawn Style Showcase

[Advertising] Hand Drawn Style Showcase

Editorial version [link]: Hand Drawn Style Showcase

[] Hand Drawn Style Showcase

In the next few weeks we will be developing new html templates; looking forward to a fresh new look!

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